MCLAREN Vale’s newest cellar door is not only about tasting locally crafted wines, but clearing your conscience of your darkest sins. 

The Confessional is the idea of Adam Hooper, Declan Rowan, Andrew Pieri and Mitch Ramdhanie, who wanted to create a unique wine-tasting experience in the Vale.

The cellar door brings together under one roof their three wine labels, La Curio, Skin Deep and Pieri wines, while also creating a bit of fun.

“We’ve basically been sitting in the shed plotting ideas for the last year and we wanted to do something that was fun,” Mr Rowan said. “While serious about making good wine, we have some out-there personalities, so staying true to our name, we installed a confessional booth.

“Already we've had people confessing to drinking too much, and even relationships others might not be aware of.”

After sampling some wines, visitors can enter the booth and record their confession on camera. People can then share their confession on The Confessional Boutique Wine Revelations website or Facebook page.

Link to the original article in the Adelaide Advertiser and Southern Times Messenger.