Illuminati Club

Illuminati Club @ The Confessional


Illuminati  - noun, plural of the Latin illuminatus, "enlightened"  il·lu·mi·na·ti  \i-ˌlü-mə-ˈnä-tē\

Become enlightened and join the Illuminati Club at The Confessional.


Benefits of membership include;

  • 15% off case purchases
  • 15% off all cellar door purchases
  • Exclusive invites to meet the winemaker dinners
  • Free gift with every new membership to be sent out with first case delivery
  • Exclusive barrel tasting event invite with one of our talented winemakers where you will blend your own wine to take home after the event
  • Exclusive release just for you from one of our resident winemakers once a year
  • Celebrate new additions each vintage with tasting notes from the winemaker
  • Select the frequency you would like each case order to arrive
  • Create your own case or be surprised by the winemaker


How it works:

There is no charge to join and you can join up online or when you visit the cellar door.

With your first case you will be sent a welcome letter, free gift and the Illuminati talisman.

By joining you acknowledge that your wine orders/allocations will be charged automatically to your credit card (on the order period frequency you select). We will contact you prior to the shipment to confirm your order and you have the freedom to alter, delay or cancel your order.

You can cancel your membership at any time.

To retain the benefits of your Illuminati Club membership you need to have ordered a dozen or more bottles of wine within the previous twelve month period.

Allow 7-10 days for delivery from when your credit card is charged.

How to Join Online:
It is easy to join online - simply select the Illuminati Club Members' Option when adding the wine to your cart.

You also need to select how often you would like the wine selected to be delivered to you - remembering that prior to the shipment of your next wine we will contact you to confirm the order. You are also able to cancel the order at any time by logging into your Illuminati Club account.

How To Get Your Illuminati Club Discount Online:
Simply add the discount code "ILLUMINATI" at the checkout when you make an online purchase.

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