Mixed Dozens

If you prefer a selection of our wines, choose a mixed half dozen, or dozen from our list of great wines here. 


  Product Title Price Quantity
La Curio 'New World Order' Sangiovese La Curio 'New World Order'... $25.00
La Curio 'Original Zin' Primitivo La Curio 'Original Zin' Primitivo... $25.00
La Curio 'The Dandy' Shiraz La Curio 'The Dandy' Shiraz... $25.00
La Curio 'The Nubile' Grenache Shiraz Mataro La Curio 'The Nubile' Grenache... $25.00
La Curio 'The Selfie' Aglianico Rose La Curio 'The Selfie' Aglianico... $19.00
La Curio Reserve Bush Vine Grenache La Curio Reserve Bush Vine... $32.00
La Curio Reserve Shiraz La Curio Reserve Shiraz $38.00
Pieri Wines 'Azzardo' Shiraz Pieri Wines 'Azzardo' Shiraz $45.00
Pieri Wines 'Malocchio' Montepulciano Pieri Wines 'Malocchio' Montepulciano $25.00
Pieri Wines 'Mano Nero' Cabernet Sauvignon Pieri Wines 'Mano Nero' Cabernet... $42.00
Pieri Wines 'Occasione' Shiraz Pieri Wines 'Occasione' Shiraz $25.00
La Curio 'Suffragette' Chardonnay La Curio 'Suffragette' Chardonnay $25.00
Pieri Wines 'La Contessa' Vermentino Pieri Wines 'La Contessa' Vermentino... $25.00

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