Pieri Wines 'Azzardo' Shiraz


Selected areas of Pieri Wines vineyards are chosen from seasons to season to ensure maximum flavour and concentration. Sand and limestone best describes the vineyard which Pieri Azzardo is made from.

Sands ability to drain freely allows total control of vigour in the wines thus with careful monitoring and water control berries can be slight shrivelled on the vines to add the process.

Alcohol :   15.5% Alc by Volume

Tasting Notes:

Colour:   Deep red with big intensity and vibrant purple hues

Nose: An intensely lifted bouquet delivery concentrated aromas of sweetened plum, hints of dark liqueur, with complexes of citrus and rich humus.

Palate: The concentration through the shrivelling deliverers a huge extension of fruit flavours: plum, liqueur cherries and jube notes of blackberry ruebenesque in styling. The wine holds a wealth of smooth and velvety tannins, yielding plenty of personality and curves in all the right places

Collections: Mixed Dozens, Pieri Wines, Selections

Type: Mixed

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