Pieri Wines

Confessor: Andrew Pieri (Winemaker)

Known Aliases: "Friar Pieri"

Reviews: "Pieri is a glimpse into the future while keeping one foot in the past. Old school winemaking with new world fruit. There is a small sandy vineyard located at the far end of Foggo Road between McLaren Vale and McLaren Flat. 

Vigneron and winemaker Andrew Pieri, has become somewhat of a cult phenomenon in the region. When he set out to make only wines using Ripasso and Amarone techniques people thought he was nuts. Wasn’t there already enough texture and richness to McLaren Vale Shiraz? He sought though to ensure natural acidity would also play a role and the wines certainly speak of that." Vine Street

Wine Revelations: 
Andrew's wines represent the legacy that Mario, Andrew's father instilled in him: to work hard, never give up and accept life is a gamble and did you need to put your stamp on it. 

The wines are all 100% estate grown and grapes from his vineyard are chosen from seasons to season to ensure maximum flavour and concentration. Geology of sand and limestone, which best describes the vineyard gives an ability to drain freely which in turn allows total control of vigour in the vines

Varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Montepulciano & Vermentino