Pieri Wines 'Mano Nero' Cabernet Sauvignon

Mano Nero : ‘ The Black Hand ’ 

Centuries old wine making methods have been used to create the "Mano Nero". A shadowy world of secret skills and aging dons behind high walled estates. 

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are hand picked and left to dry on racks until some shrivelling occurs; the loss of  water from the berries concentrates the flavours and  evokes unique characteristics seen in no other style of  wine. 

He that makes himself a sheep will be eaten by the wolf. "Mano Nero" - watch for the hand that you  can not see!

Region:   McLaren Vale

Tasting Notes: A rich and opulent wine crafted by rack drying to allow the fruit to partially raisin and subsequently vinified using small batch fermentation and basket pressing. 

The aroma is a combination of expressive berries layered with dark chocolate and the faintest hint of herbal mint. The palate whilst varietal with expressions of plum  and cassis is layered with notes of  cedar spice and hints of nutmeg. 

Powerful through concentration, the palate is an intriguing balance of unctuous and morish plump fruit paired with bright acidity and supported with a thin veneer of powdery tannin through careful oak  selection and maturation for 20 months.

Collections: Mixed Dozens, Pieri Wines

Type: Mixed

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